Our Philosophy

If you are like most people, you are investigating chiropractic healthcare because you want relief from your pain.

  • Back pain, neck pain and headaches may not only be uncomfortable but at times debilitating.
  • It may inhibit you from working, participating in the things you love to do, and disrupt your sleep.
  • This can have a profound impact on mood, marriage and your sense of wellbeing.

At Rigby Chiropractic, we appreciate the profound responsibility we take upon ourselves when our patients request help in overcoming their pain.

It is this sense of responsibility that drives us to not only help our patients get rid of their pain but also to take steps that will aid them in achieving stability so that they can hold up under the extreme demands of their lives.

We accomplish this by allowing scientific research to guide our treatment decisions.

The hours of study that led Dr. Rigby to graduate third in his class assist him in making an accurate diagnosis, the first step in appropriately dealing with your condition.

We take advantage of the usefulness of physiotherapy in overcoming inflammation and muscle guarding to prepare you for your spinal adjustment.

Our years of practice in performing spinal manipulation ensure that your adjustment will be comfortable and effective.

And we follow all of this up with core exercise training that will empower you to prevent future occurrence.

We are confident that you will feel taken care of in the truest sense of the word when you present to our office for treatment.

Fusion of the Science & Art of Chiropractic Healthcare. We have years of experience and practice in delivering the highest quality and precise spinal adjustments.
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