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Our top services are:

  • Computerized axial traction therapy which is used to treat sciatica/pinched nerve, herniated discs and chronic lower back pain.
  • Physiotherapy including electrical muscle stimulation and ultrasound therapy for pain control, resolution of inflammation and muscle tension to better prepare you for your spinal adjustment.

We take special care to prepare you for the spinal adjustment so that it is as comfortable and effective as possible.

Core muscle training is provided to give you the best chance possible to achieve full resolution of your condition and to prevent recurrence.

Virtual Consultation is an education software that aids us in explaining your condition to you in a way that is simple to understand so that you feel like you understand what is happening with your body and why the treatment is being rendered.

We are a participating provider for all major insurances.

Care related to injuries suffered in an auto crash is typically covered 100% by auto insurance.

“Did you know that kids benefit from chiropractic care too? For ailments ranging from ear infections in their youth to sports injuries in their teens, chiropractic is a great drug free option for treating your child’s condition. We will help keep your child performing at his or her best.”

Fusion of the Science & Art of Chiropractic Healthcare. We have years of experience and practice in delivering the highest quality and precise spinal adjustments.
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