Are Spinal Adjustments Painful?


A common misconception is that you cannot be injured from sitting down. The fact of the matter is that you don’t need a forceful physical trauma to sustain an injury. Injuries can indeed occur from mere sitting! These are commonly understood as postural strain type disorders in which there is repetitive and cumulative microtrauma to the tissues of the body. The sad truth is that the most of people simply deal with the lack of comfort. An average day consists of sitting at a desk for hours staring at your computer screen, then sitting when driving to and from work, to sitting during meals plus more sitting in front of the television. That’s quite a lot of sitting! The worst culprits are students, office workers and people who drive for a living.

Forward bend: There are two things to help…do this exercise. First, stand up and bend forward to the touch of your fingertips. Second, you can perform the same exercise while sitting. The latter is helpful for those who feel lumbar pain while bending over. Carry on in this bent-over position with regard to a few counts. Numerous US citizens in cities like Tremonton and Salt Lake City, UT follow workout patterns to keep their spine in good shape.

A misaligned atlas can be the cause of inhibited range of motion and neck and shoulder pain. Here’s a firsthand account of what it feels like,

The decision was an effective one nevertheless the treatment testing. My pain grew worse before it got higher. I had to stop any physical exertion, even Jazzercise. I could not vacuum. Even carrying bags of groceries antagonized my pain. This costly financially and socially.”

She felt that pain before and it was bad, so we  asked about if she ever decided on a medical doctor for an illness or prescriptions she was taking to be able to work. She told us yes.

Referrals is the most logical first step. This is called for especially seeing as there are many practitioners in Utah proper. You may have a hard time distinguishing those who are reliable and who are not. The best way to do it is to find people who’ve experienced these treatments previously when asking about pain. You can ask options from your friends and family. When they have had a high quality experience with their practitioner, then chances are, that practitioner may be really good and worth a see.

Having good posture takes just a little work, but nevertheless the rewards are ten-fold. Chronic poor posture is an usual cause of back, neck, shoulder, hip, leg as well pain and might contribute to stress and mental concerns. Improving your posture can relieve stress and tension, renew energy levels, and alter your overall overall wellness.

I guess the moral of this story is don’t let one bad apple, spoil the get. There are many good quality chiropractors who are about the helping countless friends and neighbors every time of the day. Go and find us firsthand.