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Are Spinal Adjustments Painful?

  A common misconception is that you cannot be injured from sitting down. The fact of the matter is that you don’t need a forceful physical trauma to sustain an injury. Injuries can indeed occur from mere sitting! These are commonly understood as postural strain type disorders in which there is repetitive and cumulative microtrauma to the tissues of the body. The sad truth is that the most of people simply deal with the lack of comfort. An average day consists of sitting at a desk for hours staring at your computer screen, then sitting when driving to and from work, to sitting
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5 Back Pain Relief Best Practices

You want to reduce pain, regain motion and strengthen the stabilizing muscles of your spine. Most people today think about strategies to improve their lives in the coming year. Some folks set very specific goals, hard and fast like New Year’s resolutions. Others just try to live healthier, more athletic lives. Whichever route you take to perform your goals, here is five top chiropractor recommended actions to enable you to live well in the next year. 1. Acceptable organisation of any backpacks go a long way, make sure they are avoiding your sciatica because of back requirements. The heaviest items should be placed towards the backside
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